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Questioning Your Beliefs and Perception of Reality



–Why do you believe what you believe?


–How thoroughly have you examined your beliefs and separated the facts from the theories?


–Have you discerned your own experiences from those of others?


–Do you really consider information given from factions different than your own?


–Have you honestly questioned your beliefs and perception of reality?…


It’s amazing how many people base their belief system on what is convenient for their own particular life-style! And lets be honest- even those of us who may maintain a more objective standard still have our own little pet-biases here and there…


Truth is often referred to as objective and I agree, but of course the way each individual understands truth can be quite  subjective. I’m not talking about relativism or some other ism-schism of illogical concepts, but rather the multiplicities of perception and perspective.


Case in point; how many degrees is North from the exact direction you are facing at this moment? Obviously, this will vary for each individual, -yet- there is still a very fixed-point of reference!


Do you have any definite fixed-point of reference that guides your understanding about yourself, God and the world around you? Once we determine that 1 + 1 = 2,   then we can move on to the next item. But the complexities of life provide a plethora of riddles; and there is something in human-nature that drives us to find the answer and solve those riddles. This is what causes the human race to advance, but the down side is… Because we as humans cannot stand to have things unresolved, if we can’t find the answer, we make-up one!


Another thing we as humans cannot stand is to be somewhere in the middle of this faction and the other. We feel we must take an absolute categorical stance on every topic when, yet, our perception of reality is much more limited than we would like to concede, and we would rather not make the uncomfortable changes that may be called for as we question our beliefs.


Sure, we can point our finger at those who arbitrarily design their own version of universal truth, but what about you?   Is there anything that you may have presumed to be true that has not really been  examined too well?


If you are someone who is honestly questioning your beliefs and perception of reality, than I applaud you and encourage you to continue seeking truth in such an objective way. And if you are someone who is not, then I challenge you to do so. This standard is as challenging for me as for anyone else, but I continue to question my own beliefs in order to reduce the errors of my perception.


-To reconcile reality with ones perception is a life-long pursuit…


The Word of God is the ultimate fixed point of reference, the most objective standard by which we may securely rely on. The Spirit of God is what vitalizes & illuminates the Word, and regenerates the human soul to discern such revelation. And Jesus Christ is the manifestation of the Word; He is the Living Word, who has provided reconciliation between man and God!


O the depth of  the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgements and how His ways are past our finding out!”
-Paul the Apostle




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Written by Scott Yonker