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From Limited Thinking To Progressive Thinking – Part 2

Break Through the Wall

In part 1 of this subject, I shared some of my story of the limited thinking and false beliefs I had to overcome in order to move forward in life. Progressive thinking was always met with internal and external road-blocks, which has always presented the temptation to resign to mediocrity.

There were also some major set-backs, but because I was not willing to settle with wooden nickels, my determination powered by God’s grace prevailed, and continues to prevail through any type of adversities. Moving from limited thinking to progressive thinking is foundational to success, and must be pursued in a bold and intentional way.

Tips On Overcoming Limited Thinking
There is a multitude of tips, techniques, training, resources and such to develop a healthier mindset, but here are just a few snappy tips that you can put into practice right away:

  • Take-in the goods: Always be in a learning mode and humble enough to keep a healthy teachability index; Yet keep in mind the abundance of “bad wisdom”, misinformation, disinformation and various forms of deception; Practicing discernment is vital

  • Change your environment:  Distance yourself from, or at least limit your time with unhealthy and derogatory friends & family, and spend more of your time with positive and encouraging people, who aren’t afraid to constructively  challenge you or be challenged by you.  Have good mentors.

  • Change-up your routine:  Order something on the menu you haven’t ordered before, do the opposite of what you normally do on Friday night or Monday morning, go a different way to the market, do your daily routine backwards (switch morning from evening), and always be willing to stretch your comfort zone.

  • Be an objective truth seeker:   Don’t settle for what you’ve been told, but search it out while asking the right questions. Sometimes we need to question the ‘camp’ we’re in and consider other views outside our own faction. This doesn’t mean its not healthy to have a core group or community of like-minded people, but just to be more open-minded and objective, and willing to make any needed adjustments with your belief system upon discovering where you may have been off.

  • Welcome change:   Consider an accident, setback, roadblock, detour, loss, misfortune or any kind of life altering event, however small or big, as an opportunity to grow and do something different.

  • Initiate change: Don’t just wait for change, make the change by living life intentionally while seeking wisdom from God. It’s been well said that “If you want things in your life to change, than you must change things in your life”

  • Be committed to health & wellness: Regard your body as a holy temple that you are constantly improving as you vigilantly guard it from abuse, pollution, neglect and such. Your body can also be likened to your life-vehicle that you need to have running in optimum condition.

  • Be committed to personal development: Regard your mind and spirit as the inner-sanctum of your temple and your asset to responsibly invest in and maintain so to be worthy of our calling.

  • Be committed to God: that is the God of Abraham who sent His Divine Son to make the necessary sacrifice to reconcile God with man.  There are no tips, techniques, or any kind of mind science that can even begin to compare with the magnificent saving grace of God, Who gives life more abundantly than we could possibly attain on our own!

A Masterpiece In Progress
Overcoming limited thinking is an essential element in a attaining and maintaining a healthy mindset, and must be squared-off with in a courageous and proactive manner. As we begin to develop more positive and progressive thinking, we can then create a positive snow-ball effect with the power of advanced thinking.

The main idea here is to cultivate a mindset that is always moving forward. Rejoice and celebrate the milestones of progress, but don’t get complacent or ever think you have “arrived”. Always be open to improve and enjoy the process of allowing God to design your life into the masterpiece of His making.





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Written by Scott Yonker