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We live under a ‘medical monopoly’ which appears to be morphing into a ‘medical dictatorship’ ruled by ‘Big-Pharma’ who secures their power by means of intimidation, manipulation, propaganda, monopolized control and other such totalitarian methods.

It all started when a few wealthy men by the likes of J.D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan, saw the massive profit potential of new medical treatments, such as radiation, surgery and synthetic drugs, that would transform medicine into a lucrative industry. The fortunes of these men were leveraged to take over the medical field by seducing the AMA (American Medical Association) with large funding and strategically buying-out the medical schools.

This medical monopoly then excluded the Empiric Healers who stimulated the body’s immune system to heal itself using nutritional therapy. Natural doctors or alternative cancer treatments of any kind were suppressed and ultimately banned in spite of how effective, proven and scientifically documented they were.

Don’t think for a second that we still need to “find” a cure for cancer. There has, in fact, been, not only ‘a’ cure, but several cures; for not only decades, but centuries.

Below is a list of just some of the cures that have been suppressed and banned in the US and other countries:

The above items are just some of the proven cures for cancer that have been labeled as “Quackery”, and interestingly enough, most of them have a few peculiar common denominators listed below:

  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Natural ingredients
  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Persecuted without fair reviews
  • A direct threat to medical industry profits
  • Had to go to other countries to continue curing people

Because alternative cancer treatments such as these would dramatically disrupt the status quo of the medical industry, the great “High-Priests” of medicine such as Dr. Morris Fishbein, Dr. Wallace Sampson and the AMA, had adamantly refused to sanction such treatments and vehemently battled against these alternatives, not by means of science, but by propaganda, monopolized control and minor legal technicalities.

Just like those who have monopolized oil for so many years- have suppressed alternate forms of fuel, so have those who monopolize “medicine”- suppressed alternate cures for cancer and other diseases; And it just so happens that those who monopolize oil and those who monopolize medicine are one in the same!    It all makes sense when you follow the money…

This eye-opening documentary shows the ‘medical wars’ that have prevailed over alternative medicine in order to secure the highly lucrative cancer-business.


Meet Nessa Campbell, who helped her husband Rick beat cancer, which is just one of the testimonies of those I personally know who has won the battle by means of nutritional therapy:

“Our diets are lacking in minerals and our lives are too stressful. When people ask what we did to heal my husband Richards stage 4 prostate cancer, and if you remember, he had a year and a half to live five years ago… I tell them to start with organic foods… less stress and lots and lots of greens. Greens are alkalizing and people with cancer have a very acidic environment. They need to cleanse not only there body but there colons. The other part of healing is the spiritual part… and that is another story for another day but they all go hand in hand. One more thing and you probably know what I mean when I say chemicals lead to chemicals…prescriptions lead to prescriptions and so on.”

The fundamental principle that was addressed in the above testimony was the biological environment of her husband Rick in reference to his pH balance; When the acid levels in the body are too high, then this creates an environment that enables cancer to thrive. But when acidifying foods are cut out of the diet and replaced with alkalizing foods, this takes away the elements which fuel cancer by raising the alkalinity levels. See The Acid/Alkaline Foods Chart

Also, Nessa mentioned the element of stress as well as the spiritual aspect, so we see there was a more broad or holistic approach which was taken to overcome their condition. See Health and Wellness Tips

If those who heal people by means of alternative cancer treatments are ‘quacks’, then long live the quacks!



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Cancer – The Forbidden Cures | Alternative Cancer Treatments

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