Health and Wellness Tips for Mind, Body & Spirit

A skinny guy like me never had to worry about calories and weight gain, but I sure was a sickly kid growing up with a poor immune system,  chronic fatigue, chronic bronchitis and cardiovascular issues. It wasn’t even until my senior year of high school that I began to associate my diet with my health.

One morning I was complaining to my friend Johnny DeSurra about how drained I was-  and he asked me what I had for breakfast that morning.

My reply was, “What does that have to do with anything?”

I don’t know if that sounds crazy to you, but it does to me now. Though at the time, I really wasn’t making the association. Well today I am healthy as a horse, I never get sick and the quality of my overall well being is better than ever. So I thought I’d pass on some health and wellness tips that  not only  cover good health habits for the body, but also for the mind and spirit-   so you  may benefit the same way I have.



Diet & Nutrition Tips
Keep yourself properly nourished with a healthy-well-rounded diet; eating foods as close to as nature intended. Whole-foods and super-foods is the best way to assimilate combined phyto-nutrients to get nourished at a cellular level; Far superior to artificially extracted nutrients and supplemental mega-doses, wholefoods and superfoods have nutritional profiles of perfect symmetry for optimum cohesion within the organic process of assimilation.

Remember Hypocrates,  “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food

When we attempt to give our body nutrients that have been synthetically extracted and crammed into mega-doses, our body will resist as if it were a drug.  An alternative is to supplement deficiencies by eating more foods that are rich in the nutrients needed.   Sometimes it makes sense to take certain supplements such as Vitamin B6 & B12 or Omega 3 Fatty Acids, so find those that are in the most natural form for optimum assimilation.

Superfoods are an excellent form of natural supplements. Below is a list of exceptional superfoods:

Stay away from genetically modified foods, processed and refined foods,  meat raised on steroids, high sugar and fat foods and various additives and toxins. Below is a list of  some of the most common poisons contained in our food supply:

-Make it a personal policy to read ingredient labels and know what it is before putting it in your mouth.  Also,  do your due diligence to research and be informed of the items above.

With all of the toxins and adverse elements throughout our environment which we cannot fully escape, most of us are far more toxic than we know, thus dramatically hindering optimum health. Below is a variety of cleanses that can significantly reduce the degree of our toxicity level:

  • Colone Cleanse
  • Parasite Cleanse
  • Liver & Gall Bladder Cleanse
  • Fat Cell Cleanse
  • Kidney Cleanse
  • Heavy Metal Cleanse
  • Candida Cleanse

Protection from EMF
EMF stands for electromagnetic frequency which permeates our environment from various electronics. We can’t escape this, but we can neutralize it with EMF protection devices.  A  well explained definition of the harmful effects of EMF radiation and how we can neutralize these effects with protection devices is given here:

Health Care
This is a loaded subject, but let me try and keep it simple by not confusing genuine health-care with the “system” of health-care. Make no mistake about it, the “system” is driven by economics, not health. I declare this with all due respect to those sincere individuals within the system who are aiming to make a real difference.

The health-care system can be helpful, but there are significant flaws and mixed motives which deem it necessary to proceed with cautious and critical thinking in the event when we need professional care. Whether you choose conventional treatment or alternative means, it is wise and worthwhile to take charge of your health responsibly and vigilantly, as opposed to relinquishing to blind faith.

Exercise & Fitness
Of course staying physically active is a vital part of taking care of your body. There is a vast multitude of various activities and methods to use according to variety of interests, needs and conditions we all have. Remember that enjoyment is also vital part of health and serves as a strong motivational drive, so I recommend doing a physical activity that is geared for your enjoyment and let the benefits of fitness simply be a byproduct of that. This idea has always worked like a charm  for me!

Listening To Your Body
Take care to listen when your body talks; when you’re unusually tired or thirsty, you may need to get some extra rest and fluids- perhaps your body is fighting off a virus or detoxing and needs you to cooperate. Be sensitive to what your body may need.



-Here are a few good principles to help manage a healthy state of mind and emotions:

Monitoring your inner-senses at all times is a very important habit to pick-up; Keep a pulse on all your thoughts, emotions and sensations so you may quickly make any corrections or adjustments needed to better manage your well-being.

Stress management is a big one! The real key to managing stress is by gaining a strong mindset and broader perspective. Still, there are certain practical techniques that help such as the ‘Callahan Technique‘, physical exercise and relaxation & breathing techniques .

Keep company with healthy people. Stay away from toxic people. This is easier said than done because some of these toxic people may be our own family members and long-time friends. Even so, if we are serious about our health and well-being, then we must have strong and healthy boundaries in seeking to keep a healthy environment for ourselves.

Professional help, if emotional and/or psychiatric challenges are too overwhelming, adequate help must be sought with due diligence and research to find a competent professional.  There are many inept professionals that can do more harm than good so  remember to be vigilant and responsible for your health and know that competent-based faith in a doctor is ok, but not blind-faith.



  • Always keep the Almighty Physician in the loop
  • Remember the healing power of forgiveness and prayer
  • Keep daily spiritual disciplines like prayer & devotion, reading scripture and the application of faith
  • Maintain your objectivity and perspective of the ‘Big-Picture’ and personal purpose and passion within it.
  • Always appeal to faith, hope and love.


-Remember how much our physical health is impacted by our mental, emotional and spiritual health -and- vise versa; If one facet of our being suffers, they all do.     Keep all your members healthy and enjoy life!



  • Laughing and Smiling has proven medicinal power
  • Good Music  generates therapeutic vibrations throughout the soul
  • Human Contact  nourishes the soul with vitality: Hugs, kisses, etc
  • Nurture Faith & Devotion to God Who is the source of all life, healing & restoration.
  • Attitude of Gratitude  is like magic, so be grateful, thankful and appreciative
  • Stay In The Sweet-Spot  doing all you can to keep a healthy state of being and enjoy!

Well I hope you benefit from these health and wellness tips.  I encourage you to dig deeper into this article  via the anchor text-links to obtain a broader and more defined understanding of the principles presented here.

To health, hope, faith, & love for all of our days!

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Health and Wellness Tips

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Written by Scott Yonker