Wholefoods and Superfoods

Eating foods as close to as nature intended is absolutely the best way to go for proper nutrition and nourishment. Wholefoods and superfoods is the most efficient way to assimilate nutritional properties which nourish the body at a cellular level; Much more superior to supplemental mega-doses of synthetic & artificially extracted nutrients, wholefoods and superfoods have nutritional profiles of perfect symmetry for optimum cohesion within the organic process of assimilation.

The further we get away from the natural state of our food, the less compatible it becomes to our body’s assimilation process. In fact, our body often takes a defensive response to much of the “food” we consume.

It’s important to have a basic understanding of how our biochemistry interacts with food-chemistry. This association is termed as nutritional chemistry, which varies depending on each individuals unique biochemistry. See- What is Nutritional Chemistry?

Wholefoods are foods that are not processed or refined, but left in their natural condition. Eating foods that are as close to as nature intended is foundational to a healthy diet, because that is how our bodies are designed to assimilate. Consider the three levels of nutrition:

Deep green foods have the highest nutrient density followed by other vegetables and fruits. As already mentioned, eating these kind of wholefoods is the way our bodies are designed to be nourished, yet there are certain factors to consider:

Unfortunately, the production methods of our food is generally poor, which results in food with low nutrient density with various toxins. Buying organic foods is a great way to go, but it still may not guarantee the nutrition level we need. This leaves us with the need to supplement our diet, but even supplements can be found in certain wholefoods and superfoods as opposed to artificial vitamin supplements.

When we attempt to give our body nutrients that have been synthetically extracted, isolated and crammed into mega-doses, our body will resist as if it were a drug or poison. Another way to go is to supplement deficiencies by eating more foods that are rich in the nutrients needed. Sometimes it may be best to take certain supplements such as Vitamin B6 or Omega 3 Fatty Acids, but it will be best to use those that are in the most natural form for optimum assimilation.

Superfoods are an excellent form of natural supplements. Below is a list of outstanding superfoods:

Remember Hypocrates, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food



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Written by Scott Yonker