HELLO and WELCOME to my website!
This site is designed to be a valuable resource as well as a means for connecting and building meaningful relationships.
I appreciate you taking your valuable time to visit here, so I work hard to deliver valuable and well researched content that is worthy of your consideration.

Topics include: “Personal Development”, “Ministry”, “Entrepreneurship”,  “Inspirational”, “Human Relations”,  and more.

Feel free to click around, leave some comments and get better acquainted.

-Below is a five minute presentation which says where I’m coming from and what I’m about.


Scott Yonker the entrepreneur, the minister & the artist is sharing about bringing the different faucets of who we are into, not only a complimentary balance, but in a synergistic empowerment coming from a position of genuine value and respect for people. Venturing out to broaden our horizon, stretching our comfort zone & increasing our opportunity at the risk of failure, knowing that failure is part of the process of gaining success.


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