21 Ways Protestants Obey The Pope

Papal Dominance

The essential meaning of the term ‘Protestant’, comes from those who ‘protested’  the abused authority of the the Roman Pontiff.  But the Protestant Reformation only reformed so far; A fundamental element such as ‘Church Hierarchy’ was only watered down to a more subtle form of  hierarchy.

Even those key elements which actually were reformed came to be reversed or weakened by the Jesuit Counter Reformation and recovery of Papal temporal power.

Hence, here are 21 ways which Protestants obey the Pope:

1. Maintains the false dichotomy of clergy & laity;  forsaking the New Testament concept of the ‘priesthood of believers’.  –1 Peter 2:5,  2:9,  Hebrews 10:19-22

2. Maintains similar hierarchical clergy system as the Roman Catholic system, in defiance of Jesus forbidding ‘Church hierarchy’, while forsaking Jesus’ alternative instructions for ‘Servant Leadership’.  –Matthew 25-26, 1 Peter 5:1-4

3. The clergy employs a subtle form of  ‘intermediary practice’ and domination while the “laity” fails to fully step into their call to ministry.  –1 Timothy 2:5,  Ephesians 4:11-13

4. Maintains same Romish paradigm of ‘clergy performance’ spectated by passive ‘laity audience’, forsaking New Testament model for interactive meetings.  –1 Corinthians 14:26-33

5. Places too much emphasis on artificial ordination & training as opposed to Divine ordination & training of the Word & Spirit of God.  –Hebrews 10:19-21,  Acts 4:13, 20:28

6. Moving away from the objective truth of God’s Word and into subjective experiential mysticism.

7. Celebrate same pagan festivals instituted by the Roman Church: The Christ-Mass, Easter, Halloween.

8. Uses the Gregorian Calender (Pope Gregory) dedicated to pagan gods and aligned with pagan festivals.   -see sources

9. Attend and/or send kids to schools and seminaries controlled by Jesuits.    -see sources

10. Firmly embraces Jesuit doctrines such as ‘Preterism‘ and ‘Futurism‘.   -see Discerning the Threads of Eschatology

11. Uses modern translations based on Catholic Manuscripts: Codex Vaticanus & Codex Sinaticus, while abandoning the tried & true Greek manuscripts known as Textus Receptus.   -see Tares Among the Wheat

12. Adhere’s to history written/revised by Catholic Hierarchy.   -see sources-

13. Submits to centralized authority of  ‘National and World Council of Churches’ controlled by the Vatican.   -see sources

14. Adhere’s to subversive movements propagated by the Jesuit Counter Reformation, such as the Ecumenical Movement, Charismatic Movement, Emergent Movement, Mega Church Movement, etc.   -see sources

15. Subjected to Catholic ideology through Vatican controlled media.   -see sources

16. Maintains the principle of the ‘union of Church & State’.   -see sources

17. Supports political & military campaigns leveraged for Vatican agendas.    -see sources

18. Exchanges authentic Christianity for Pop-Christianity.   -see sources

19. Scripturally & historically illiterate and undiscerning so to not recognize the above conditions.   -see Discerning the Threads of Eschatology

20. Preoccupied with amusements & diversions of many varieties so to not become literate and discerning of just how the Catholic Counter Reformation has taken the world and Protestant Church by storm.    -see Discerning the Threads of Eschatology

21. Have ceased to identify & expose the Papacy as antichrist.   -see A Great Cloud of Witnesses





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-Avro Manhattan- authority on Roman Catholicism in politics ‘The Vatican Holocaust
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-Peter DeRosa- Catholic Priest, author ‘Vicars of Christ: ‘The Dark Side of The Papacy
-Richard Bennet- Christian historian & former Catholic Priest
-Alberto Rivera- high ranking Jesuit Priest converted to true Christianity
-Ian Paisley- politician and church leader – ‘The Pope is the Antichrist
-Augustus Toplady- 18th century theologian & author of ‘The Road To Rome
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-John Todd Collins- high ranking Illuminati member converted to Christianity
-Henry Fliedner- author of ‘The Martyrdom of a People’ or ‘The Vaudois of Piedmont and Their History

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Written by Scott Yonker