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The Essence of Delayed Gratification in an Entrepreneurs Pursuits

There is a most interesting and extraordinary plant which grows in China called Moso Bamboo.This plant has an amazing growth process which I find very relevant to our own growth process of human affairs.

First of all, the Moso Bamboo may begin it’s first several years growing its root system before a single leaf pops out of the ground. From the surface, nothing appears to be happening, but beneath there is an extensive network of rhizomes(roots) forming a strong foundation in preparation for the next phase of its growth process. Then, all of the sudden, when this plant finally breaks the surface, it shoots up from the ground at an exceedingly rapid growth rate and, within just a few months, may reach up to 80 feet high!

In contrast to the Moso Bamboo, a different kind of tree called the Cottenwood Aspen, can grow just as tall as the Moso Bamboo without spending years developing such an exspansive root system. But because the Cottenwood Aspen grows so rapidly, it doesn’t have time to form strength in its molecular fiber and consequently it’s branches break off. Furthermore, this tree does not have a strong root system and often the entire tree falls to the ground…

So which of these two trees represent the way you are growing your business?

Are you taking the time to lay a strong foundation for your business or are you in a rush to just slap stuff together in a mad dash to make a quick buck?

I’ve seen both scenarios played out many times and the same principles prevail every time.
-The hasty one hustles and hauls to hit the high numbers and springs up like a mighty tree. Yet skipping the details and cutting the corners, everything that once stood up comes crashing down.

-The methodical one is not in a rush, but is diligent with consistent action to place every detail in its proper sequence; building with integrity so to have lasting results.

The basis of this principle is instant gratification versus delayed gratification. Now human nature tends to lean towards instant gratification which is why it requires discipline to do otherwise. Discipline is the action of rearing our natural inclinations to take a higher road. With discipline, we are commanding our soul to do something other than defaulting to gravity.

Another element required to resist the tendency of instant gratification is vision. In order to set the poise for delayed gratification, we must have some perception and foresight. Vision enables us to see that the path of least resistance is not always the most rewarding. When we are able to glimpse the potential rewards of delayed gratification, we can then be motivated to discipline ourselves accordingly.

Often times we are too concerned about what other people think when we are in the formative stage of building our business. Some may ask if we’re making profits yet and we may be ashamed to answer. Many people do not understand the process involved with building a profitable business, but we need not concern ourselves with the shortsightedness of others; Rather persevering with due diligence in our worthwhile endeavor to build a lasting enterprise.

Delayed gratification in an entrepreneurs pursuits is of the essence, so keep faith and stay the course!

Anything of great significance is worth waiting for; And a thing of precious value is worth a dear price



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Written by Scott Yonker