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World Chaos

“Order out of Chaos” is the creed of the elite-ruling class; as it is a key stratagem used for social engineering to control the masses. A more technical term of this same principle is known as ‘Hegelian Dialectics’ – the clashing of opposed ideologies to achieve eventual compromise (thesis vs antithesis = synthesis)

Some common examples of ‘Hegelian Dialectics’ are: ~ Truth (thesis) -vs- Propaganda (antithesis) = Relativism (synthesis) ~ Republican -vs- Democrat = Neo-Progressivism ~ Capitalism -vs- Socialism = Corporatism ~ Protestantism -vs- Catholicism = Ecumenism

Notice each synthesis from the above examples: Relativism, Neo-Progressivism, Corporatism, Ecumenism; all are precise objectives on the menu for the power-elite.

A more diabolical version of this principle is quoted from Foundation of Human Understanding as follows:

“The first step (thesis) is to create a problem. The second step (antithesis) is to generate opposition to the problem (fear, panic and hysteria). The third step (synthesis) is to offer the solution to the problem created by step one: A change which would have been impossible to impose upon the people without the proper psychological conditioning achieved in stages one and two.”

Within this process, conflict and chaos are created at great cost of lives and resources to dismantle the social and political structures by which free societies govern themselves; ultimately to be replaced with centralized power and control of the people and resources.

Such a strategic agenda is the real cause of so many of the shootings, bombings, economic crises, wars, revolutions, etc, etc. It’s time to wake up and recognize the strategies being used against us. This is a high call for keen discernment.

Ordo Ab Chao

‘Hegelian Dialectics’ is a key component of the Luciferian system, which is not just a religious system, but a political system; the Hegelian principle is summed-up in their creed “Ordo Ab Chao” (Order from Chaos).

Such methodology has been highly effective for the elite-ruling class (namely the high ranking Jesuits, who leverage a whole host of different religious and political powers to gain greater dominance.

Order from chaos works like this: “Chaos”, for one, distracts the population to “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”, and two, causes the people to get so tired of the conflict that they are willing to compromise almost anything for some harmony.

That harmony then comes in the “Order” of those who (secretly) caused the problem- so they can implement their “solution” which is promoted to be in the best interest of the commonwealth of the people, but in actuality, is impoverishing and enslaving them.

Hegelian Dialectics is as old as politics, but took on a whole new dimension to counter the Protestant Reformation through the military arm of The Jesuit Order. The Jesuits were recognized for causing so much chaos (revolutions, wars, assassinations) that they were expelled from almost every nation in Europe by the mid 1700’s.

When making their comeback and complete takeover of the Vatican in the early 1800’s, the Jesuits were prepared to be virtually undetectable as they mastered the arts of espionage and infiltration strategies; And as a result of their great success, most have no idea what the Jesuits are really about- how devious and diabolical they really are, as well as the vast amount of global temporal power they have secured.

And with such power and control, they easily have the means to rewrite history to cover their conspiracies, while painting a nicer picture of their image and track record..

Hegelian Dialectics Throughout History
As mentioned, this dialectic principle was brought to a whole new dimension by the Jesuit Order, who were commissioned by the Pope to combat the Protestant Reformation. Most people only recognize the mayhem of the Counter-Reformation and it’s so-called “Holy Inquisition” as something that we are now hundreds of years removed from.

Jesuit Inquisition

However, the Counter-Reformation has gained more ground in this past century then ever before, as the Modern Inquisition has taken more lives than the previous centuries combined, since the ascension of Christ. This satanic advancement was made possible by the covert nature of their tactics and strategy. (Ultimately, it is only by God’s permissive will, that this evil is allowed, for a time, for God’s own triumphal purposes)

Most people know of the tens of millions of people mass murdered by Stalin, but a detail most folks are not aware of, is that most of those people were various kinds of Christians such as Orthodox & Protestants.

Most people know of the six million Jews that were killed under Hitler’s Third Reich, but most are not aware of the 13 million Protestants who were annihilated, mostly from Northern Germany, who were fire-bombed, not by Hitler, but by the Allies, under the assumption and propaganda that states like Prussia were in cahoots with the SS.

Most people have no idea that these cruel dictators like Stalin, Hitler, Pavelic, Musilini and many more were commissioned by the Catholic Hierarchy as modern day Inquisitors of the ongoing Counter-Reformation. And what’s even more difficult for Americans to see and accept is how the US has been leveraged for the same purposes.

WTC Attack

Hegelian Dialectics In Our Present Time
When understanding the stratagem of the Hegelian principle, you can then begin to recognize how it was implemented throughout history; And after recognizing this element in history, you can then recognize it in our present time. If you wish to cut through the lies and deception to see what the actual truth is, then it is of the essence to not only know the Truth of God’s Word and Spirit, but to understand the workings of Satan’s worldly system.

It’s also very important to know that this satanic system has launched major disinformation campaigns as well as history revision campaigns, within this past century, to cover-up the true nature and magnitude of such atrocities. Many books, people and other sources that have documented the true accounts have been destroyed or suppressed, and replaced with false versions of such accounts.

The sources below are a few that have survived such campaigns, and I encourage you to refer to these sources as part of your own research:

Word & Spirit of God, Who Was and Is and Is to come
Theodor Griesinger – historian, author ‘The Jesuits: Their Complete History’
John Clark Ridpath – historian, author ‘Ridpath’s Universal History’
John Cornwall – journalist & author of ‘Hitler’s Pope’
Samuel F. B. Morse – father of Morse Code, author of ‘Foreign Conspiracy’
Avro Manhattan – authority on Roman Catholicism in politics
Emanuel M. Josephson – ‘The “Federal” Reserve Conspiracy and Rockefellers’
E. Boyd Barrett – Ex-Jesuit, author of ‘The Jesuit Enigma’
William Cooper – researcher,activist, author of ‘Behold a Pale Horse’
Eric Jon Phelps – historian, Jesuit expert & author of ‘Vatican Assassins’
Peter DeRosa – Catholic Priest, author ‘Vicars of Christ: ‘The Dark Side of The Papacy’
Richard Bennet – Christian historian & former Catholic Priest
Alberto Rivera – high ranking Jesuit Priest converted to true Christianity
Augustus Toplady – 18th century theologian & author of ‘The Road To Rome’
John Foxe – historian & author of ‘Foxes Book of Martyrs’
Bill Mencarow – theologian & historian
Kenneth Scott Latourette – historian, author of ‘A History of Christianity’
John Todd Collins – high ranking Illuminati member converted to Christianity

Web Sources
The Vatican Holocaust- Avro Manhattan
The Vatican and The Jesuits ‘Hitler’s Pope’ – John Cornwall
Luciferianism – The Religion of Apotheosis
The Vatican and the Jesuits
Jesuit Infiltration
The Real Conspiracy- Jesuit Infiltration of Christianity

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Occult Sources (not endorsed but referenced strictly for research purposes)

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Written by Scott Yonker