How To Insert YouTube Videos Into Your Website Without Related Videos

Have you ever been using a YouTube video in one of your messages and realized the problem with the “Related Videos” display at the end? We know how many other things are competing for the attention of our audience already, so we don’t need any other unnecessary distractions to draw away their attention. Right?

Well this video demonstrates how to insert YouTube videos into your website without displaying the related videos at the end, so your audience will not be distracted from your message. This is so simple but a very important detail that will make a world of difference

The funny thing is- I figured out how to do this a while back and recently I went to insert a video and could not remember how to do it. After a little frustration, I re-figuring it out and thought it would be a good time to make a recording of this simple procedure. Hope this helps.


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Written by Scott Yonker