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Is The Law of Attraction Compatible with Christianity? -Part 1

Posted on05. Jan, 2012 by .


The law of attraction is something that many Christians are not quite comfortable with as secular society uses the law of attraction with the view that “the universe is the ultimate source of power & provision, which may be invoked to provide all our needs and desires by implementing mind sciences such as visualization and positive […]

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Hot Health and Wellness Tips for Mind, Body & Spirit

Posted on31. Dec, 2011 by .


A skinny guy like me never had to worry about calories and weight gain, but I sure was a sickly kid growing up with a poor immune system,  chronic fatigue, chronic bronchitis and cardiovascular issues. It wasn’t even until my senior year of high school that I began to associate my diet with my health. […]

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Overcoming What Others Think | Overcoming Social Anxiety

Posted on27. Dec, 2011 by .


Breaking The Bonds of Limited Thinking

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Going On Adventures With Dad

Posted on11. Dec, 2011 by .


Scott Yonker captures an important part of a boys life: “Going on Adventures with Dad” – He and his two buddies Kenny Kuhnhofer and Troy Overman take their boys out into the Ventura back-country- up Petrero John Creek to cut-loose and run-wild. A father taking his son to a place where their is challenge, discovery […]

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The Danger of Being Over Ambitious

Posted on29. Nov, 2011 by .


  There’s a lot to be said about putting the rubber where it meets the road and  taking serious action; Certainly this is how things  get done. But are there points at which we need to let off on the throttle,   or would that run the risk of losing vital momentum? Ambition is an essential […]

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The Proliferating Effect of Delivering Value and Generosity

Posted on19. Nov, 2011 by .


“There is one who distributes, yet increases more; And there is one who withholds more than is right, yet it leads to poverty. The generous soul will be made rich, and those who water will also be watered.“   I love this proverb because it really captures the essence of not only a minister, but […]

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Is Death and Life Really in the Power of the Tongue?

Posted on16. Nov, 2011 by .


“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” –Proverbs 18:21 I’ve always believed that actions speak louder than words, talk is cheap, and no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Well, I still believe that, but does […]

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The Essence of Delayed Gratification in an Entrepreneurs Pursuits

Posted on15. Nov, 2011 by .


  There is a most interesting and extraordinary plant which grows in China called Moso Bamboo.This plant has an amazing growth process which I find very relevant to our own growth process of human affairs. First of all, the Moso Bamboo may begin it’s first several years growing its root system before a single leaf […]

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The Benefits of Adversity | Turning Loss Into Gain

Posted on11. Nov, 2011 by .


Many people fail to recognize the benefits of adversity, and as a result, are too embittered with a victim mentality to reap the rewards.

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Questioning Your Beliefs and Perception of Reality

Posted on05. Jun, 2011 by .


  –Why do you believe what you believe? –How thoroughly have you examined your beliefs and separated the facts from the theories? –Have you discerned your own experiences from those of others? –Do you really consider information given from factions different than your own? –Have you honestly questioned your beliefs and perception of reality?… It’s […]

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