The New Age Movement and The New World Order

At face value, the New-Age Movement seems to be at great odds with the New World Order. New-Age activists like David Icke and Jordan Maxwell represent a strong resistance against the New World Order, as it seems this resistance holds a whole set of values which completely differs from power-elite of the New World Order.

Yet for the few individuals who look beyond face value and probe into the subject, they may find deep solidarity between the two. Authorities on the subject such as Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey reveal this critical union between the two movements. In short, there is no way of having a “Utopian One World System” without having both the socio-religious piece coupled with the political-economic facet. Thus the New Age Movement is the necessary counterpart for the New World Order.

The biblical accounts from Daniel’s visions and John’s ‘Revelation of Jesus Christ’ record the foretelling of apocalyptic events culminating with the ‘Kingdom of  Satan’ gaining complete global domination through both civil and religious authority- often referred to as the ‘New World Order’ (NWO).   It is already being heralded  as the “Utopian State”, but is actually a Luciferian-Totalitarian State.

We have already seen a model of this kind of system implemented in the medieval era by Papal Rome, which was put in check with the Protestant Reformation. However, with the unrelenting efforts of the Jesuit Counter-Reformation, this same power has risen up to be much greater and more global than ever, yet not nearly as overt as before, but has multiple fronts and various faculties doing its bidding.

Some of the key elements of the New World Order are:

  • One-World Government- ruled by the power elite/antichrist system
  • One-World Currency- controlled by the global banking cartels
  • Global Citizenship- the abolishment of national allegiance
  • Totalitarian State- socialist/ fascist state; civil slavery
  • Eugenics- artificial selection & gene altering for the “perfect breed”
  • Mind Control- manipulating/altering the mind to a submissive state

The NWO will only be the Political Power of this control and will have to have the counterpart of Religious Power to form a complete and totally controlled One-World System. This is where the New Age Movement fits in.

The basic idea of  the New Age Movement comes from the Luciferian Mysteries in reference to the Astrological/Zodiacal belief that we are at a point in time which is transitioning from the Age of Pisces  into the Age of Aquarius, which is believed to spawn a Utopian age of peace & unity through a one world religion and universal brotherhood of man; termed as Monism

Some of the key elements of the New Age Movement are:

  • Astrology- Zodiacal beliefs
  • Luciferian- belief system venerating Lucifer as the true God & liberator of man
  • Monism- also known as Ecumenicalism or Universalism or Unitarian
  • Occultic Practices- hypnosis, channeling, divination, incantations, witchcraft, etc
  • Humanism- man is God; evolution of man unto deity
  • Esotericism- mystery school ideology; secret knowledge of the occult
  • Aquarius Utopia- “heaven on earth”
  • The Environmental Movement- ties in with ‘Aquarius Utopia’
  • Mind Altering- psychotropic drugs, hypnosis, mystical meditation, etc
  • UN & EN-  unifying agents between NWO and New Age

The New Age Movement is the socio-religious counterpart of the NWO;

New Age Movement (Religious Power) + New World Order (Political Power) = Complete One-World System (Total Power)

At this time, these two movements appear to be at odds with each other. However, they must eventually merge together to create a complete one-world system with  the universal socio-religious facet- as well as the universal political/economic piece.

So how can these two conflicting movements be reconciled?

The opposition we see between the two systems has been nothing more than a grand display of  Hegelian Dialectics ; the clashing of  opposing ideologies to create eventual compromise (thesis -vs- antithesis = synthesis)  See Order Out of Chaos

Many of the New-Agers are rallying with an effort to “stop” the New World Order. This oppositional dynamic of thesis -vs- antithesis will eventually come to a head – whereby a compromise, or synthesis is achieved, which will likely come after much mayhem.

Tower Of Babel Reorganized

This painting of the Tower of Babel depicts God’s interruption of the the world coming together in unity to create a utopian kingdom in opposition to the kingdom of God (Genesis 11:1-9). The tower represents a false stairway to heaven rooted in a false religious system.

Every false religious system and Mystery School of the world-wide Luciferian system roots to ancient Babylon. All the various world religions are just different renditions of the same Babylonian System. Even with the many variations among the different religions, there still remains a common thread which serves to reunite the scattered people. The New-Age/Ecumenical Movement is the reorganization of the Luciferian vision of a one-world system.

The New Age Movement is not just another ‘designer religion’ like I thought for so many years, but is a conglomeration of all religions. Christianity has certainly not been left out, but diluted and altered to fit into this ecumenical profile. Roman Catholicism has been ecumenical for centuries, and has been the driving force of the Ecumenical Movement, which now is being carried out by the New Age Movement and the New World Order.

It’s important to recognize that the “Christian Face” of this movement is certainly not limited to the Roman Church, but the Protestant Church has been heavily influenced by this as well – via the National & World Council of Church’s, the Charismatic Movement, Word of Faith Movement and Emergent Movement, all of which can be traced to the Jesuit Counter-Reformation  (See – Discerning The Threads of Eschatology)

Unity Before Truth?…

So when we come together in unity, is it unity in the Kingdom of God, or unity in the kingdom of Satan? And how can we know which is which when the truth is sacrificed for the sake of unity? Does not Lucifer have a counterfeit for every truth? And does not Satan come as an angel of light offering “hope” for every longing?

Discernment is of the essence, and there is no other means of cutting through the great deception than by the truth of God’s Word.

“For the Word of God is alive and powerful, and sharper than any double-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of bone and marrow; and discerns the thoughts and intentions of the heart”  Hebrews 4:12

Jesus had often spoke of the divisive nature of truth, and Jesus, being the very personification of truth, likened Himself to the sword- which divides those who abide in His truth from those who reject Him; even cutting through households (Matthew 10:34-39).

“Better to be divided by truth than united in error”




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Written by Scott Yonker