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Posted on 07. Apr, 2011 by in Entrepreneurship, Human Relations

 Instinctive Marketing

I want to introduce you to some of the worlds most effective marketers who are achieving remarkable success right under our noses:
– A nine year-old boy
– A small but hugely artistic bird
– A school teacher
– A teenage girl
– A homeless person

So is marketing also happening outside of the “market place”?

Or is marketing much bigger than we thought?

And does everyone have instinctive marketing abilities?

I’d love to see some thoughts you may have about this, so don’t be shy about leaving some comments below


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5 Responses to “So You Think You Know What Marketing Is | Instinctive Marketing”

  1. Bruce W. Darby

    11. Apr, 2011


    It’s amazing the number of people that don’t realize that they are marketing themselves everyday, in almost an unlimiited number of ways and circumstances.. Thanks for the vid blog, my friend.

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    • Anonymous

      11. Apr, 2011

      Absolutely! We’re all marketers marketing in the market place 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by

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  2. B. Zachary Bennett

    05. Jul, 2011

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  3. Tomtombogs

    11. Mar, 2012

    [..YouTube..] Hi Baz, great video, you really do seem like a very ginneue guy and someone I would be keen to work with in the future. I like what you say about just letting folk come to you and the fact you don’t push yourself on others to buy your product etc., that’s vital and i wish i’d learned that when I started. I can’t sell things to others either and now realise there’s loads to be learned when it comes to being successful online. Best wishes. Catherine ?

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    • admin

      25. Mar, 2012

      Yes- i think it’s best to market in an organic way while maintaining genuine respect for people at all times. Attraction marketing is really the key for that.

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