Be Inspired and Stay Inspired

*Do everything you can to be inspired and stay inspired!

Play some good music, go on an adventure, learn something new, laugh and play with loved ones, if you don’t have any loved ones- join a group or church and smile more, walk along the waters edge, look for beauty, listen for melody, read a book, visit an art gallery, take up salsa dancing or something, turn off the TV, pray, do something creative, pray some more, think, act, seize the day, go to a ball game, a play, an opera or whatever it takes to ignite your soul with the vitality of inspiration!!!

Inspiration; the life-force of design. The accelerant of imagination. The vital cord of innovations and endless possibilities.

In its absence, all creative processes lay dormant. The tools gather dust, the instruments begin to rust as the body degenerates all the more.

But inspiration is like rain to a parched and famished land which returns well-springs of abundance; Ideas flourish as sweet songs blow in the breeze. Showering fountains of nectar flow through the valleys as honey streams from the hills.

The women rejoice in the fruit of their womb as the flute blissfully carries its tune to the dancing trees, reciprocating the accompaniment of resounding praise to the source of all vision, inspiration and design; from whom all virtue and everything glorious abounds out of benevolent affection, so lavished upon all of life; blessed and preserved from time into eternity.

-Scott Yonker

Be inspired and stay inspired

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Written by Scott Yonker