What Kind of Economic Boom Can We Expect in a Precarious World of Fiat Currency?

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It’s been a few years since I really began to educate myself on economic trends and wealth cycles. I’ve also been quite intrigued with discerning our times and just how certain economic booms and wealth cycles  fit into these times of fiat currency in such a way that provides massive opportunity.

So while so many others can only see the grim situation of the economy,   I can see an enormous wave of wealth potential rolling in as I position myself to catch it!

Now most people know that when you properly position yourself in front of a boom, that it can propel you to significant prosperity much sooner than it would normally take. But what I see here is not just another boom, but a super-boom!

What Is Fiat Currency?
In order to see what I’m talking about, you first need to understand what’s going on with our currency. First off, U.S. currency has been off the gold-standard since 1971, which means there is no intrinsic value tied to the U.S. dollar;   That is what we call fiat-currency.

Now history proves that fiat currency always fails and there has never been a single exception. History also tells us that the life-span of fiat currency is usually no more than about 30 years. US fiat currency has been running for about forty years and  is now running on borrowed time…

Fiat Currency On A Global Scale
Furthermore, all the other major nations are running on fiat-currency- which is based on U.S. fiat-currency.    So this is not an isolated situation as it happens to be the first time in history that so many nations have intermingled fiat-currency.

And if that’s not enough, the Federal Reserve has been exacerbating the problem all the more by printing unprecedented amounts of  paper currency out of thin air.        Did you know that 300% more currency has been printed in the last few years than in  the past 200 years prior?!

If there’s any time for alarms to go off, it would be now. In many ways, we are already past the point of no return and there is no possible way for things to remain the status quo. It cannot be business as usual and the world is in for some radical changes!

Yet most people are failing to realize the gravity of the situation and will unfortunately be in dire-straights when the currency finally fails (which could be within the next 1-3 years).

Sadly, the masses will not take proper action but will only react to something that already happened; Just like the classic example of the frog in the water which slowly comes to a boil.

How Can We Be Prepared?
For those who do recognize the situation for what it is and are taking proper action to coordinate with the changes that are happening, may be in for significant prosperity!

So what do I mean by “proper action” and “coordinating with the times”?

Well, when the currency finally does fail, the only kind of money we can fall back on is real money!   That would be gold & silver.   What will happen will be the same thing that’s always happened when fiat currency collapses…   we will rush to precious metals.  Except this time it will be on a global scale and may very well be the largest economic boom in world history!         (It will be to late for any who wait until this point…)

Can you see why you may want to stop and seriously consider investing in precious metals asap?  That is why I started collecting silver and doing everything I can to build my business to enable myself to buy more precious metals before this reality hits.

A Sensible Action Plan
Now I do not pretend to be a certified financial adviser, but I know I don’t have to be in this case.  All one really needs to know is a basic understanding of wealth-cycles, economic principles like supply & demand, a little fiat currency history and some basic research skills with a good amount of common sense.

First of all, we need to have a means to invest. This is one reason why I am not slack about building my business, because I know we must first have some kind of cash-cow  that will enable us to invest.  Someway and somehow, we must find a way to secure some real-money (precious metals) even if we have to downsize and lower our overhead to free-up some extra cash to invest with.

Now take some time to imagine the reality of a currency collapse: How useless paper money would be and how dangerously desperate most people would be during such a crisis; Gun ammunition would be one of the many forms of currency as basic commodities like food and water would be like gold. Continue to use this kind of foresight and plan accordingly.

Merely saving cash is not a wise thing to do when we understand what the government and Federal Reserve is doing with our paper currency.  If not precious metals, at least investing in commodities would be much better than  holding a dollar that’s being devalued by the day.

When investing in precious metals, it makes complete sense to obtain physical delivery of it because many companies use the malpractice of giving a certificate of purchase and then sell the same sum of content over and over again. And even those companies that don’t use such unethical practices still may have a difficult time securing and/or delivering the goods in a time of crisis.

So you either need to have a really good hiding place or a secure safe with a few guns; or keep it at a high security storage facility that is not owned by the government or a bank. I’m planning on doing all the above.

Current Economic Trends
I had done pretty well for many years running my own construction company, but since this industry ceased booming, I began to identify the industries that are booming today. As I educated myself on current economic trends and wealth cycles, I became overwhelmed with the abundance of opportunity it all presented.

The perspective I gained on this- demonstrated a scenario of the perfect-storm. This perfect-storm I’m referring to is not just a few different industries booming in separate corners of the the map, but the collision and merging of industries resulting in a synergistic super-boom.

This explosive composite is made-up of three distinct industries: Internet Marketing,   Network Marketing   and  Health & Wellness.   Each of these industries stand on their own, yet are merging to create an extraordinary economic tempest.     See- “Current Economic Trends, Business Models and Types of Income That Lead to Freedom

It’s important to not confuse the gloom-doom mentality with those who are simply prudent and have enough sense to gain some educated foresight and prepare accordingly. There is no nation or generation that is bullet-proof, so it’s always wise to be prepared for any type of common crisis, whether it be an earthquake, a hurricane, an economy crisis or maybe even a zombie apocalypse.
(Just kidding about the last item)

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4 Responses to “What Kind of Economic Boom Can We Expect in a Precarious World of Fiat Currency?”

  1. Hi Scott,
    Some sound advice here!
    Education is key, as well as being prepared to take calculated risks and catch those waves at the right time!
    Creating wealth should never be about scarcity… it should always be about creating abundance for a meaningful purpose.
    Thanks for sharing this!
    Justine Simard (SpunkeBusiness) recently posted..Essential Product Bundling In Your Online BusinessMy Profile

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    • admin

      19. Jan, 2012

      Hi Justine,
      Thanks for taking your time to read this and for giving your valuable thoughts
      I’ll catch you later
      Keep rocking!

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      • Ralph

        10. Mar, 2012

        Dear Reformer,Have you heard of Copernicus. Most people were cnceionvd he was wrong as well.I think you underestimate the lengths by which the ruling classes will got o to protect their finaical positions.As a former economists I can pretty much guarentee that perhaps only 5 in a thousand of my economics students understood that the orthodox explanations were a scam.Unfortunately those same 5 would choose to remain ignorant of the truth because they knew they would not get a job otherwise.In fact I used to advise my third year Macroeconomics students that if they wanted a job in the public service or in the private sector they would have to live the lie and pretend to believe in the orthodox dogma.Finally, you seem to be under the illusion that you understand the dynamics of the inflationary process. The truth is that nobody understands the dynamics of inflation and it is pretty much a waste of time even attempting to.P.S I like Steven Keen as a person but as an economist he is completely honking.Cheers, Alan

        Reply to this comment
        • admin

          25. Mar, 2012

          I would agree that we can’t fully understand the inflationary process and I did not mean to sound that way.
          But one thing for sure is I do not underestimate the lengths by which the ruling class will go to protect their financial position as well as their control. To the contrary, I am overwhelmed by the degree of evil and decimation the ruling class have already gone to, and the gravity of it is only increasing. I am not as sheepish as you seem to suggest.
          So true about having to live a lie to work in the pale of orthodoxy- that is why I could never go there
          Ralgh, thanks for your thoughts

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