Purpose and Passion

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Do you ever get so wrapped-up in the motion of your endeavors that you forget why your doing it?

Or maybe for some reason which  you can’t quite identify, you lose motivation?

Do you ever just ask yourself,  “What am I doing and why am I doing it?”

This is why it’s so important to maintain the focus of our purpose and passion. Keeping our perspective is what fuels the fire to our pursuits; it’s what gives meaning to our endeavors and joy to our productivity.  Purpose and passion serves as the very life-force of our occupation and without it, there will be a dire emptiness in our life and everything we do.

While purpose and passion temper each other in a balanced and complete way, each element is distinct and worth looking at separately.


Why are we doing what we do?…    Is there an end to the means?…   And what is that end?…    Is it worthwhile and meaningful?   Some  people say, “I’m doing this because I want to make more money.”     But why do you want to make more money?  Is it so you can afford a better education for your kids?   Is it so your spouse won’t have to work so hard?   Do you just want more time to enjoy life more?

The idea here is to dig deeper into your ‘why‘ to see how significant your reason really is. If your ‘why’  is not that meaningful and  significant, then you may want to evaluate your values and search your soul for deeper purpose.   Now if your ‘why’ is indeed very purposeful, then you have a strong motivating factor to stay poised upon- as you perform the daily tasks that it takes to get there.


Passion is like fire. It’s power is vast.
Properly bridled, it generates supreme splendor and glory;   but misguided passion ravages with great devastation

How amazing is the phenomenon of passion! And how immensely powerful this force can be!   But anything of power has not only a positive side, but a negative side as well. Most people would agree that passion is a good thing. I would agree too, but I also know the damage that misguided zeal can do.   Like a reckless  fool who thrashes about knocking people over, serving no purpose other than being fat, dumb and happy- is like our passion without a bridle.

Purpose is what gives our passion the guidance it needs to be productive to society. And passion is what infuses splendor into our purpose. Both elements not only temper the other, but create a synergistic dynamic!

To Nourish  Our Soul     

Going through the motions of a life without purpose and passion is got to be the most desperately meaningless form of existence. This is why we are not fulfilled with just mere survival, though we may attempt to convince ourselves otherwise. The human spirit is hungry for more than just vane existence.

This is why I believe depression as well as joy, is linked to to our spiritual well-being, as well as our physical , mental and emotional state.  Even when our body is tired or our mind is overwhelmed and our emotions weigh us down- our spirit cries for freedom and yearns to rise-up from surviving to thriving; Our innermost being longs for more- and agonizes for  the chance to flourish and move from scarcity to abundance.

But it wants more than to just be happy-go-lucky;   It wants something more profound and substantial.   The human spirit strongly craves and is only satiated by purpose and passion; To reciprocate value and generosity with an undergirding of meaning and an overarching umbrella of divine calling.

Key Ingredients  

So fundamental is the life-force of purpose and passion that our soul will remain in a continual state of languishing despair in its absence.  No amount of achievement, no matter how praiseworthy, can fill the gaping chasm  within our soul. It’s easy to  mistake the key ingredients for things like power and prestige, fame and fortune or even the common desire for a spouse or a child.

There’s nothing wrong with those things, but if there isn’t some purpose and passion beyond the desire to attain such things, then there will ultimately be disappointment and emptiness. And sometimes we mistake fulfillment for nothing more than just ignorant bliss; We think we’re happy only because we don’t know better.

Let us challenge ourselves to look beyond our actions and below the surface to search our soul for divine calling that supplies all purpose and passion we need for true life.

-Thanks for reading and may your life be booming with purpose and passion!

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4 Responses to “Purpose and Passion”

  1. Anthony Sunny Kunneth

    11. Dec, 2011

    Excellent write up, Scott. I am really indebted to you. It is an eyeopener for those who hunger for power and success. Everything has two side like that of a coin. And then there is a limit and a fine line divides them in deciding what is harmful and what is beneficial. I endorse your views.

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