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AstarteThe above names are all variations of the same female counterpart of Satan’s “Holy Trinity” (Baal, Ashtoreth & Tummuz). Anyone familiar with sacred scripture has seen Baal & Ashtoreth repeatedly mentioned in the negative, as Canaanite deities. These deities root to ancient Babylon of King Nimrod, who’s legend morphed into ‘Baal’- the sun-god; his Queen, Semiramis, representing ‘Ashtoreth’- the moon goddess; and the “divine son” ‘Tammuz’

The scattering from Babylon caused divisions of people with different languages to carry the same deity-figures with different names and character variations which multiplied to create polytheism. Even with the many variations among the different religious systems, there still remained fundamental characteristics, symbolism & themes which synchronized to keep a common thread. Hence, the various world religions are just different renditions of the same Babylonian System.

Here are just some of the different names of Ashtoreth:

  • ISIS- by the Egyptians
  • ISHTAR- by the Canaanites
  • APHRODITE- by the Grecians
  • VENUS- by the Romans
  • DIANNA- by the Ephesians
  • EUROPA- by the Phoenecians
  • KALI- by the Indians
  • COLUMBIA- by North Americans

IshtarAshtoreth, the ‘moon goddess’ has also been referred to by certain nicknames such as:

  • Divine Mother
  • Mother Nature
  • Mother of God
  • Queen of Heaven
  • Virgin Mother

Hmm, who else has been called those names?…

As Emperor Constantine adopted Christianity as the state religion of Pagan Rome in the early 4th century, the Pagan religions were “Christianized” as Christianity was “Paganized”. The combining of different and contradicting concepts may be termed as syncrotism. Such an application served the state interest to foster a more cohesive society with a diluted and altered form of Christianity that was more inclusive and less demanding of complete repentance and true conversion.

So the ‘mother & son’ theme of the Babylonian Mysteries was syncretized  to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in relation to His mother Mary. Many critics have indicted Christianity as a plagiary of the ancient Mysteries, but taking his cue from the original promise of the women’s Seed as recorded in Genesis 3:15, it was Satan who was already producing a counterfeit before the arrival of the genuine article, as he then set out to mix-up and confuse the truth with a lie.

Jeremiah 44 is sufficient enough to see how the “Queen of Heaven” is certainly not a figure who brings honor to the true and living God. The true biblical account of Mary, mother of Jesus has been twisted into a Pagan deity figure and venerated as the “Queen of Heaven” by the Roman Church. This deity figure is none other than that which has been known as Ashtoreth.

Ashoreth PoleSo what are Ashtoreth poles?

The Ashtoreth poles referred to in the scriptures are obscene expressions of the sexual obsession possessed by such Mystery Religions. It is a phallic symbol of sexual intercourse between Baal & Ashtoreth. Such perversions are not just a thing of the past, but are erected today in the most prominent sites in the world, such as the Washington Monument and the Vatican Plaza (Should that really surprise us when considering who the prince of this world is?).

A religious system including “sexual freedom” was a lure which snagged the Israelites time after time, to forsake the one true God, Yahweh. The following verses are just some of the biblical accounts regarding the Baal & Ashtoreth poles:
~ Exodus 34:13 ~ Deuteronomy 7:5, 12:3 ~ Judges 2:12-14, 10:6
~ 1 Samuel 7:4, 12:10, 31:10 ~ 1 Kings 11:4-6, 11:33, 14:23
~ 2 Kings 23:13 ~ 2 Chronicles 14:3, 15:16, 31:1, 34:4
~ Jeremiah 43:13 ~ Isaiah 17:8, 27:9

Of course this activity would produce children, which is why the female counterpart of this deity was referred to as the ‘fertility goddess’. Any unwanted children were deemed a “sacrifice” and given as a burnt offering to Baal, also known as Molech. The same spirit is alive and well today operating quite freely through abortion clinics (Not that children are no longer offered as a sacrifice by fire).

So the Canaanite version of the ‘fertility goddess’ known as Ishtar, once translated into Gaelic, becomes Eastre.

-Now a few questions for those who are Christians:

Why would we want anything to do with Easter?

And for what reason would we associate and identify the resurrection of Jesus Christ with Easter?!

“…what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?  And what accord has Christ with Belial?…”
-2 Corinthians 6:14-15



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    diana venus ashtoreth -different deities. Phoenecian Astarte /Ashtoreth. Columbia is another personification.
    just ignorant stupid stuff.

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