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The Benefits of Adversity | Turning Loss Into Gain

Posted on11. Nov, 2011 by .


  Adversity is the grinding wheel of life; Either we’re sharpened or dulled- Depending on the angle of our attitude It’s interesting how different people handle adversity differently. Some come out on the other side better while others come out bitter.   Dealing with Loss                                […]

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Questioning Your Beliefs and Perception of Reality

Posted on05. Jun, 2011 by .


  –Why do you believe what you believe? –How thoroughly have you examined your beliefs and separated the facts from the theories? –Have you discerned your own experiences from those of others? –Do you really consider information given from factions different than your own? –Have you honestly questioned your beliefs and perception of reality?… It’s […]

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Personal Development Comes First

Posted on16. May, 2011 by .


  When do you actually lay the foundation for a successful life? I know the title already answers the question, but have you really grasped how foundational personal development is to real success? Sure, there are people who are underdeveloped and still manage to get somewhere in life, but I’m talking about real success, real […]

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