Well, where to begin…

It’s been an interesting life littered with failure and triumph and I’m glad for both.   That’s right both!

Because failure is where I learned and grew the most which led to greater triumphs  that  could only have  been achieved by first failing again and again.

Furthermore, to find that ‘silver lining’  that can turn a situation  of misfortune into an opportunity to prosper.

By converting such a negative void into positive space,    I found room to change and rearrange my priorities and overall life-style for the better- much easier than it would have taken when I was bogged down with all those “blessings”.  Hence the paradox which states how our blessings may serve as curses while our curses may serve as blessings. Funny how that works…

Even while at the bottom of my lowest times, I perceived the internal wealth I still possessed as well as the new opportunities my great losses presented.

I came from pretty humble beginnings with mental and emotional disadvantages, yet as a young boy I learned  to transcend my limitations.

Though my personal development was a long, slow and arduous process, I greatly advanced and prospered, not only mentally and emotionally, but overall- giving full credit to my Heavenly Father Who raised me up in His love, wisdom, truth and grace.


— Here’s a little inspiration for you:


The eye is the window of the soul; to see out of and into

Transcending all languages, telling many stories and hiding no lies

Secrets revealed and sentiments told. Nothing concealed while the poise remains

Beholding a thousand forms of beauty and a thousand forms of horror as vision conceived from mundane routine to astronomic spectacles

Perception beyond the boundaries of doubt- venturing forth to grand-scale proportions of uncharted realms and elevated dimensions unto and through the minds eye of uninhibited ascension to another sphere and then another; climax upon climax –  succession upon succession

before gliding down a spiral shower, free as a falcon and as brilliant as a shooting star  with iridescent trails- illuminating a white night like frozen lightening with platinum sparkles and golden streams of steaming fire and ice-  preceding surreal flashes of variegated tones and layered textures within harmonic composition of diverging continuity

-Scott Yonker


More Details About Scott

Scott Yonker is not someone who can really be categorized to fit nicely into any particular faction, nor can he simply be lumped-up with all who have many of the same beliefs as he; and this has, at times, made his road a lonely one; But it has caused him to be very adaptable while attaining an acute awareness  and resolve of who he is and why God designed him.

He always felt strongly about staying true to his convictions and authenticity – not selling out for the approval of people,  yet profoundly interested in giving people something that truly resonates. In fact his fundamental mission is to use the gifts he’s been given to encourage and inspire individuals of all walks of life to draw closer to the very heart of the True and Living God- Lord Yaweh, Who has revealed Himself through His Holy Spirit and Divine Son, Jesus Christ

Scott has devoted much of his time delving into theology, philosophy, science, music, history, politics, psychology, engineering, aesthetic design, literature,  human relations, personal development, marketing, finances and Internet technology. His education did not really begin until he removed himself from the “educational system”

Never very conventional but always down-to-earth, Scott has always approached things with a fresh-new angle- coming from an innovative mind-set, keen perception with a deep sense of meaning & purpose

His primary livelihood for the past fifteen years has been as an independent contractor in the construction industry- executing custom show-case productions in landscape design & construction. Yet his interests are not limited to building gardens & gazebos, but building people.This is what makes him ministry-minded.

Currently residing in a quaint-little beach-town known as Ventura in sunny-southern California- with his sixteen year-old son Nathan, occasional visits by his twenty year-old step-son Kody (his 22 year old daughter, Ally, married with two babies living in Virginia);  Scott lives a rather simple but very productive life and loves to hike in the mountains, surf in the ocean, play music and laugh heartily with good company and good food.

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